Tooling Inserts

DMLS/DMLM Tooling Inserts

DMLS-EOS allows for quick and easy production of tooling inserts. Instead of needing weeks to create tooling, turn-around time is capable of manufacturing within days or even hours. This cost-efficient method allows for increased testing, permitting designers to improve the performance and create a better product.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering produces tooling inserts that are constructed layer-by-layer to precisely meet specifications set by the 3D CAD data. The end result is a product built to exact details with a smooth finish, ready for testing or usage. Highly complex geometries are not a problem for rapid prototyping with DMLS-EOS. Save time by growing extremely accurate inserts simultaneous to regular cavity development.

Benefits of DMLS/DMLM Tooling Inserts

  • Freedom of design to experiment with different complex geometries
  • 3D Printing service reduces turn-around time
  • Temperature control systems improve the quality of parts
  • CAD data makes it easy to use
  • Precision crafting meets stringent requirement for production-grade tools
  • Uses many alloys and materials allowing for rigorous testing and development
  • Cost-efficient
  • Less reliant on the EDM process
  • Reduces cycle time and scrap rate




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