Prototype metals are the most important RP innovation and paradigm shift in the evolution of manufacturing.

The market is talking about 3D printing from coast to coast!

Prototype parts in various metals that are extremely accurate and usable.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS/DMLM) lets you use layer-build technology to quickly manufacture high-quality metal parts. It is the preferred method of 3D rapid prototyping for complex geometries. The DMLS/DMLM process allows users to reduce the time and cost for additive manufacturing by completing multiple prototypes directly from CAD data, allowing for more rigorous testing with different alloys.

Our DMLS/DMLM system operate with a fine 20 micron thick powdered metal that is evenly dispersed across the build area. The laser melts or fuses the individual layers together, leaving an end product that is 98% dense with an incredible finished surface. DMLS/DMLM offers applications for the aerospace, automotive, dental, manufacturing, medical instruments, industrial commercial and surgical implants industries.

We deal with low volume orders that other businesses might find too difficult or won’t touch. This is due to the speed and efficiency of our rapid prototyping process, which makes the production of small orders profitable without causing delay. This allows our clients to move from the testing and development stages to manufacturing and marketing in less time, often as little as only seven days to a couple of weeks, depending on volume.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering – DMLS/DMLM-

  • Greatly reduces computer numerical control (CNC) & electrical discharge machining (EDM) costs.
  • Selective laser sintering (SLS) cuts turnaround and expenses.
  • Precision-cut details and a smooth finish.
  • Excellent mechanical properties.
  • Creates metal patterns .
  • Increases efficiency of 3D printing by allowing tools and prototypes to be manufactured throughout the entire engineering process.
  • Works with multiple DMLS/DMLM materials that are readily available.
  • Durable, tough, and built to last.
  • Create tooling inserts with virtually no machining.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering – DMLS/DMLM Applications

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS/DMLM)

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